Indiana Business Lawyer

Indiana Business Attorney

The Law Office of Brian V Powers provides comprehensive legal services to help businesses achieve success. Whether we act as general legal counsel for all of a client's business matters, or advise a client for a specific transaction, we make the same commitment to providing excellent service. Contact our Indiana business law office for help with the following:  

  • Acquisition of the assets of a businessIndiana Business Attorney
  • Acquisition of the stock of a business
  • Merger with or into another business
  • Drafting or review of contracts
  • Private Placements
  • Joint Ventures
  • Consultation and contract assistance with employment law matters
  • Business succession planning for family owned businesses
  • Intellectual property matters relating to copyright and trademark
  • Negotiation of business disputes
  • Business Reorganizations

    Mergers and Acquisitions

    Indiana business attorney Brian V Powers represents businesses desiring to merge with and into other businesses. We can help you negotiate and draft the merger documents, and also help with issues that arise post-merger. We also represents clients that seek to acquire or sell companies, helping them to determine the right structure for the deal and negotiate and draft the deal documents.

    The Indianapolis Law Office of Brian V Powers conducts due diligence investigations on behalf of acquiring entities, in addition to helping companies preparing to be acquired. Over the course of a due diligence investigation, we examines all manner of documents, including corporate documents, financial statements, lending documents, intellectual property, business contracts, and real property documentation, to name a few.


    Contact Indiana Business attorney Brian Powers about your business transactions.