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Virtual Lawyer Spotlight - Brian Powers (hey thats me!)

Last week I was profiled on The Sociable Lawyer blog regarding my "virtual law practice."  The blog is running a series of posts regarding the changes on how legal services are obtained and delivered online, and I had the honor of being the first attorney profiled.  I have included a few highlights from the article below, but you can click here to read for the full article.

Tell us a little about yourself and your practice:

I am a solo practitioner – my practice focuses on corporate transactions including M&A, private capital raises, corporate formation, technology related transactions, and general contract work. I work with startups and established businesses of all sizes from all over the world.

What does the term “virtual law practice” mean to you?
A virtual law practice is a practice that utilizes technology to increase efficiency and reduce much of the needless overhead associated with the traditional practice of law. This doesn’t necessarily mean that in-person contact with clients and other attorneys is eliminated, but when possible and appropriate, communication is conducted electronically via email, phone, or a secure client website. Paper is minimized, physical file storage is reduced, the need for staff is reduced, and the need for traditional brick and mortar office space is all but eliminated. The result is a very efficient way to practice law as a solo practitioner.

What is your business model? (i.e. who are your clients and how do you serve them?)
My clients tend to be technology companies, although I have clients from a wide range of industries. I use my efficient practice model as a sales pitch to prospective clients – i.e. – I provide top notch legal services, I am very attentive to client communication, and turn client work around quickly. I can do this at affordable rates and fixed fees by virtue of my practice model. That is really what most clients want – quality work, good communication, reasonable turn around time, and affordability. I also have a portion of my practice that exists almost exclusively online by using web based document assembly software.